Trafficker Caught — Community Protection in Action

helping children in Lesotho feel safe, seen, and supported

It was an ordinary day, or so Puleng thought. An orphan living with her aunt, Puleng went to the local market welcoming any distraction to make the day more exciting.

A pleasant stranger approached her and asked a lot of personal questions—then offered a substantial amount of money if Puleng would assist her with acquiring some supplies for her boss. The woman promised she would be back before anyone could miss her. Hesitant at first, Puleng agreed and joined the woman on a bus ride that took them to a different town than the lady had first told her. Puleng became a little nervous.

The bus stops in Lesotho’s towns are busy outdoor venues where people, cars, buses and events move quickly. Disembarking at the bus stop, the woman asked Puleng to hold her phone and stepped away for a moment. And then a text arrived.

It read, “Are you sure she’s ‘pure’?”

Far from home and already uncomfortable, Puleng’s face registered alarm—and fortunately someone noticed. A woman waiting for a bus asked her, “Are you okay?” Puleng held the phone up for her to see the text as the trafficker returned. The woman questioned the trafficker and became convinced she was lying.

She immediately summoned the police on duty at the bus stop.

The police arrested the trafficker and committed to tracking down her accomplice. They also brought the girl to Trust for Africa to ensure her safety for the few days required to document the incident. A few days later her aunt came to TFA to accompany her on the journey home.

We are thankful we could serve as a safe place for this girl until she could return home. We are also extremely thankful for the woman who had the courage and willpower to intervene, altering the outcome of this story.

This is a powerful example of an engaged community whose members look out for the protection and welfare of children.

This is exactly what Trust for Africa works toward; to help make homes into safe havens by strengthening families and mobilizing communities to protect and nurture children.

Thank you for your support that equips us to protect children and strengthen families and communities.

*Identifying details are changed in accordance with child protection laws.

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