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Our mission is to equip families and communities to help vulnerable children feel safe, seen, and supported.

Our Story

Reno Schalm, Founder of Trust for AfricaThe story starts in 1980 when our founder, Reno Schalm, moved his family from the plains of Canada to the mountains of Lesotho. For 11 years, Reno and his wife, Nancy, worked in rural development and education, building relationships and creating the foundation for what Trust for Africa has become today.

Nancy Schalm, founder of Trust for AfricaIn the 1990s, HIV and AIDS began to devastate much of sub-Saharan Africa’s social and economic structure. The crisis was especially prevalent in Lesotho. The stories were daunting. To Reno and Nancy, they were personal. Many of their friends and co-workers were impacted.

In just a few years, thousands of children were orphaned. In 2007, Trust for Africa was registered to care for vulnerable children in Lesotho. Since then we have expanded our work in various capacities to provide a continuum of services to protect vulnerable children, restore separated families, and advocate for care reform on a national level.

In everything we do, we know at the heart of it, every child deserves to be safe, seen, and supported. Take a look at What We Do to learn more!

help for children
Help for Children
healing for families
Healing for Families
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Hope for a Nation
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There have been too many children who have come through the doors of our emergency shelter, where we’ve thought, ‘This trauma didn’t need to happen. If that family had only had some support, this painful circumstance could have been avoided.’

— Naomi Schalm, Executive Director

Meet Our Team

It takes a village of passionate people to love on children and care for families.

Mbele Horoto, Chief Operating Officer

Mbele Horoto

Chief Operating Officer

Mafusi Semethe, Senior Social Worker and Director of Emergency Shelter

Mafusi Semethe

Senior Social Worker and Director of Emergency Shelter

Naleli McPherson, social worker

Naleli McPherson

Social Worker

Charles Makiba, Head of TFA Tutoring Center

Charles Makiba

Head of TFA Tutoring Center

Palesa Mokabo, teacher

Palesa Mokabo


Bokang Pharela, teacher

Bokang Pharela


Lits’eoane Mokaloba, teacher

Lits’eoane Mokaloba


Makeketso Ralekhetla, house mother

Makeketso Ralekhetla

House Mother

Rosa Mokoma, house mother

Rosa Mokoma

House Mother

Mamasupha Bereng, house mother

Mamasupha Bereng

House Mother

Paballo Lefoka, Family Strengthening Trainer

Paballo Lefoka

Family Strengthening Trainer

Serabele Mokhele, driver and maintenance

Serabele Mokhele

Driver and Maintenance

Naomi Schlam, Executive Director, Trust for Africa

Naomi Schalm

Executive Director

The life we live, and the world we live in is full of possibilities. It is within each one of us to find our light and let it liberate others.

— Bokang Pharela, Teacher

Board of Directors

Trust for Africa U.S.A.
(Formerly Faith Foundation)

Emmanuel Tormes, Government Relations Manager

Emmanuel Tormes


Government Relations Manager
Orlando, FL

Elan Ange

Elan Ange


O&T Farms
Regina, SK Canada

Gabriel de Guia, Executive Director World Outreach

Gabriel de Guia


Executive Director World Outreach
Orlando, FL

Heidi Skogman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist

Heidi Skogman


Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist
Leadville, CO

Naomi Schlam, Executive Director, Trust for Africa

Naomi Schalm

Executive Director

Trust for Africa
Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho

Board of Trustees

Trust for Africa Lesotho

Danny Bothma, Chairman, LSP Construction

Danny Bothma


LSP Construction
Maseru, Lesotho
Sue Jandrell, Financial Controller PB, Jandrell & Son

Sue Jandrell


Financial Controller
PB Jandrell & Son
Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho
Brenda McPherson, Broker and Owner of Casa Blanca Realty Ltd.

Brenda McPherson

Broker and Owner
Casa Blanca Realty Ltd.
Maseru, Lesotho
Naomi Schlam, Executive Director, Trust for Africa

Naomi Schalm

Executive Director

Trust for Africa
Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho

The ripple effect of our gifts go deeper than feeding hungry tummies, they encompass a society of benevolence and compassion that foster a re‑growth, re‑unification of families, second chances, reformation, and affirmation that a little goes so much further than we would ever anticipate.

— Brenda McPherson, Board Member

education training for children in Lesotho

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